Monday, November 1, 2010

My new vacuum!

This post is for Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed.  She did a great post about useless purchasing - wants vs.needs so I told her about our lastest....impulse buy (those words leave an icky taste in my mouth).

It's a vacuum.


It's called the FilterQueen Majestic 360...and boy does it a good way!  This lady called and asked if she could do a demo at our house, and I obliged.  I never until this day give in to these demos....I just let them come over and do their thing 'cause I know it helps them make money...and everyone needs to make money somehow!

Anywho, she pulled out this cute little vacuum and stuck an attachment on that allows us to see what gets sucked up and what goes through the filter and would be sent flying back into the air by our normal vacuum.

So. gross. to see that even though my vacuum catches a much dust and skin cells gets blown right back into the air I breathe through the vacuum's exhaust vent. I know this is true 'cause why does my upright vacuum always seem to end up dustier than the floor I'm cleaning?

The next gross thing she showed us was a picture of a dust mite.  Gag. Double gag.  She described how they realllllly like bedding 'cause it's warm and cozy in there.  Then she took her little vacuum to our bed(!!!) pulled back the sheet and mattress cover and vacuumed the mattress.

Ok, for the record, I'm not the hugest neat freak in the world, but yes I do wash my bedding regularly.  Do you know what that vacuum sucked out of the mattress?  A ton of dead white skin cells.......and black stuff...which are dead dust mites and their POOP. Here's some additional info that you probably don't want to know!

Then she did a test with my old (which is only 4 years old) upright vacuum and the one she brought. She went over a spot with mine 52 times. Then she went over another spot with hers 15 times.  Then she changed the filter and went over my spot again with her vacuum.  It STILL pulled up sand and lint.  Now I usually only vacuum over the house once...probably passing over some spots twice on the way through.  52 times is like vacuuming once a week for a vacuum is just brushing dirt back under the rug!
This cute little vacuum of hers also has this little filter pad over the exhaust which you can spray a little fragrence on.  Seriously, my whole house smells like cucumber melon right now! No more burnt dust smell from my old vacuum. Yech.

Also,  no more hauling around a big cumbersome, heavy upright. I hated the way I had to lug the whole machine around, smashing it into the baseboards, lugging it up and down the stairs. Boo.

It's the same size as my hubby's cowboy boots!

This little baby is small! It rolls like a charm and the hose is 8 ft long....that means I can vacuum my entire living room without moving the machine.  If necessary, I can just give it a tug and it rolls just where I need it to.

Here's the catch.  It's cost. You probably saw that one coming.  And you're right.  It costs A FORTUNE. (Message me if you reeeeallly wanna know how much it cost),  Unfortunately, after watching this demo I couldn't DREAM of using my gross, cumbersome, nasty upright.

Impulse buy...(bleh).  The even grosser part is that we have to leave part of the balance on the credit card we worked so hard to pay off!! Laaaaame.  The moral of this story is that sometimes even the most seasoned buy-only-what-you-need frugalista makes mistakes :(

.......but my house smells like cucumber melon when I vacuum!


Ammie @ said...

Cammy!!! I am so impressed with this little guy! I may have to call your lady and ask her to come do a demo for me!

I hear you on the impulse buying, but if someone was showing me dead dust mites in MY bed, I might be obliged to spend whatever she wanted as well. I hear you on the impulsive purchase, but look at it this way--you will probably have this sucker, ha ha, for QUITE some time, and you will not feel any kind of need to purchase a new one for a good decade. I say let up on yourself and enjoy the thing. I'm a big fan of buying tools that make me feel better about jobs I hate doing. Fancier soaps in nicer containers, while more expensive, encourage and inspire me to get more done, so I sort of figure they are worth the extra expense. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing, I was dying to know! ;)

Cammy said...

You're so right....and it better last me a lot longer than a decade! I do have this urge to vacuum EVERYTHING now...baseboards, couch cushions - I even used the brush part to dust my computer area!