Monday, April 18, 2011

Morning Reflections

The Simple Women's Daybook is a wonderful way to start your day out on the right foot - with a thankful and grateful heart.  We are so blessed to live freely in this beautiful province.

Outside my window: Mostly blue and sunny out today - teasing that summer is just around the corner.  The sun has been a little late in showing itself this spring so I'm hoping this a sign that it's here to stay!

I am thankful for: Time spent with my hubby, his friends and sister-in-law up in God's beautiful creation all weekend.  Even though I was bummed to have to pull out my snow pants once again, there's nothing like being on a snowmobile in untouched powder on top of the world.

Some plans for the week:
  • Get organized. Period.  Somehow even just a weekend away from home throws off my housekeeping groove.
  • Do some Easter baking.  Get ready for another tasty traditional Mennonite Easter recipe!
  • We have another couple moving in with us April 30th so I need to start making room for them... especially in the bathroom.  I haven't had to share my bathroom with another woman in 5 years (PRAY FOR ME...please?)

I am hoping: that the Canucks win the Stanley Cup! Wooooooooo!


I am hearing: nothing but the rattle of my computer under the desk. I think we often forget how important it is to have moments of silence in our lives. I can hear the Holy Spirit's whispering better when I'm still and silent.

I am praying for:
  • my friend S - that she would continue to battle the negative thoughts and anxiety that threatens her relationship with her children.
  • my dearest - that he would be strong and arm himself against the devil's schemes - one day at a time. With God all things are possible.
  • myself - that I would continue to learn how to be a submissive wife - not as a door mat but as a strong, smart, independant woman who loves and supports her husband.
From the kitchen: ummm....gotta be able to see the countertops before I can start on anything!  I will be making Paska this week - traditional Mennonite Easter bread. I might also make some Plumi Moos....we'll see.

Some pictures from our weekend of backcountry snowmobiling at GRIZZLY LODGE :
(Check out the link if you have a moment.  It's a beautiful lodge in the Shuswap area of BC and if you're into snowmobiling it's definitely worth the drive! Oh yeah and did I mention I grew up with the chef's daughter? You will NEVER eat so well in your life...I promise!)

On top of the world

Can you see the red roof in the middle of the picture? That's Grizzly Lodge!

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