Monday, August 30, 2010

12 New (ish) Things

I often venture over to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee and this month Sarah Mae is challenging herself and us to learn/do twelve new things - one per month.  How cool is that?  Check out her list and check out mine too! I'm gonna make September my first month since I'm starting a little late!


Goodwill transformation! I am always green with envy at the things some ladies find and transform SOOOOO - my hubby found a little side table someone was giving away for FREE so I am going to give it a make-over!
COMPLETED - check it out!


I stole this from Sarah Mae and a few others but I too, want to learn to quilt!
What better to make on a chilly fall day!


Maybe this belongs in December too, but this year I want to send out Christmas cards with pictures and letters to update all our friends and family! I figure I'd better start in November!


Make homemade gifts for friends and family. 
 I'm going to try making spice and baking mixes!


Learn to make candles! My favorite scent is pumpkin spice.


Actually register for an online course in Medical Transcription....eeeeek!


Take the time to research and plan the layout of my flower beds.  I want plants that are easy to care for and are drought-tolerant for our desert climate.


Start my garden inside so the little guys are ready to transplant in May!


Plant my first REAL garden! No more pots for me, yo!


ummmm, ok I got pretty far.  Summer is a hard one for us 'cause we're usually gone more than we're home.  I'll tell you a secret though.  Lord willing, by this time next year my summer "new things" will include reno'ing our spare room for.....a nursery!

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