Monday, December 6, 2010

Frugal Coffee Tip

First off I just wanna say I was featured on Making Monday's Marvelous Day at C.R.A.F.T!!!  Woo wooooooo Check out the awesome buttony bling I got on my side bar now! My Rustic Christmas String Art project was cheap enough to catch Jamie's eye! Can't go wrong with some partical board, mismatched nails and some leftover twine. Thanks so much Jamie!!!

On to my tip of the day.

For all you serious coffee junkies like me - I'm talking to the junkies not the connoisseurs here.  If you're REALLY REALLY picky about how your coffee tastes...go ahead and move on 'cause this is probably not for you. 

This is for all you ultra cheap, Mennonite-(or Dutch) - esque lady's out there.  You know, the one's who reuse tin foil and zip loc baggies? That's me!

Next time you make coffee, leave your old filter and grounds in (GASP) and add half the amount of new coffee.  For example I make six cups of coffee usually, so yesterday I added another three scoops to the six that were in there from the day before!  And it works! If anything it was a little stronger than I usually like it.  This morning I added another two scoops two the....nine old ones...hehe.  This time it was verging on weak BUT I betcha it would've been good had I added THREE instead of two! Gah I'm so cheap I can't help but think of how my can of coffee will go so much further now..woooo hoooo!

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From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

Um... I totally used to do this..... until my Handsome caught me. Nowhe always asks if I ground it fresh before I brew it. hehe Foiled!!!!!